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GripWorks brand grips evolved from a line of dip molded hand grips manufactured by Sinclair & Rush, the largest dip molding company in the world. Over the years, the line grew from simple grips featuring ribs and finger nubs to sophisticated multi-layer grips featuring durable interior liners with soft and textured exterior surfaces. Due to the flexible nature of the dip molding process, many GripWorks grips are made to order to the exact specifications of its customers. Learn more by visiting

In addition to manufacturing dip molded grips, GripWorks is also a worldwide leader in the production of foam tubes and grips. This product line traces its roots to a time when the company utilized pipe insulation and special lathes to produce sponge-like foam hand grips in a variety of shapes and sizes. Building on its success in the foam grip market, major investments were made in foam extrusion equipment and GripWorks become the only manufacturer in the U.S. that could both extrude and buff foam grips.


Hunt Wilde


Founded in the 1940’s, Hunt Wilde Corporation established itself as the largest manufacturer of bicycle grips in the United States and held that title for decades. Over the years, its line of injection molded grips grew beyond the bicycle market as new models were designed for applications like outdoor power equipment, tools, and health care equipment.

With bicycle manufacturing shifting to Asia and domestic competition increasing, Hunt Wilde closed or sold off most of its operations in 2006.

In 2011, GripWorks acquired the Hunt Wilde grip tooling and began manufacturing this product line once again in the United States. Many of these grips are now available in this store, but the GripWorks website provides details on the entire line of Hunt Wilde injection molded grips.




As a division of the largest dip molding company in the world, VynaFlex is the brand associated with Sinclair & Rush’s plastisol compounding operation. It utilizes its years of experience in developing and manufacturing a wide variety of plastisol for its own dip molding operations to service companies looking for plastisol to dip coat grips, handles, and other parts.